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France Laure

France Laure - Rebalance Night Cream for Combination Skin

France Laure - Rebalance Night Cream for Combination Skin

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This moisturizer created to treat and normalize combination skin. To start with, it prevents bacterial proliferation; it controls and improves sebaceous gland activity, purifies and tones skin, on the other hand, it hydrates, nourishes, revitalizes and softens to maintain the youth of the tissues. Its light and velvety texture gives a pleasant fresh sensation while leaving skin soft to the touch.

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  • Meadowsweet, burdock, marjoram, apricot and cucumber extracts
  • Royal jelly, honey and propolis
  • Goji, coffee grains, noni, pomegranate, green tea, mangousteen
  • Amino acid and polysaccharides hydrating complex
  • Shea butter
  • Vitaminized liposomic complex
  • Jojoba, thyme, rosemary, lemon and grapefruit oils

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