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Are you considering getting laser hair removal for light colored hair or fair skin? At least 30% of the population requires this type of esthetic service, but it’s impossible to find… or so they say. Here at Spa Vision Financial we are capable of helping you introduce an IPL+ machine, the ONLY platforms that are able to remove light colored hair (blond, white, grey, red hairs) just as effectively as laser hair removal for dark hairs (brown & black hairs). Even if they’re very thin on very light skin. How convenient would it be if you were one of the many blondes looking for laser hair removal and a salon near you had a machine capable of getting rid of those unwanted hairs? What if that machine had the ability to perform treatments on fair colored skin but also on the other end, dark colored skin? If you’re a salon owner looking for a machine that can properly treat all of you clients, read on. If you’re a consumer looking for these types of treatments, read on, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with someone who can help you get rid of those unwanted hairs.

Used in over 350 spas worldwide (including all 120+ Depiltech franchise centers!), any spa, salon, or esthetician who performs laser hair removal or IPL service treatments should not only consider either Anthelia or Adena IPLs, but NEED to have them.  This patented technology (patent can be seen below) is registered with the World Wide Patent Office and has been held by the manufacturer since 2011. Otherwise your clients are going elsewhere to get services like electrolysis or waxing for their light colored hairs. That’s like missing out on 50% of the money that their IPL or laser device could be making them! Even if a spa or laser clinic already has a machine they need to have this one unique service in order to service those clients whose hairs have gotten lighter and cannot use competing machines like Lightsheer, Alma or Dermalase IPL (for hair removal)!  Any of the blondes in your life are going to love any spa with this technology! Watch this introductory video for a better overview:



EuroFeedback Beauté (EFB), started in 1989, began life as an engineering company working to develop pulsed light technology for a variety of industries from helping paint dry, to preserving foods, to military applications and now for beauty & skin care treatments. They also have branches in telecommunications, power/energy generation and industrial cooling systems all of which play a HUGE part in the development of what we consider to be the world’s best IPLs for any type of hair removal (whether it’s for dark hairs or light colored hairs). It’s very interesting how the EFB IPL machines came to be as it was almost an accident when they realized 20 years ago that they had the technology to be able to create something amazing.  By combining their existing technology patents used on types of industrial machinery, they launched, in 2001, the first iterations of the Anthelia and Adena IPLs that we know today.

 EFB has been certified ISO 9001 since 1999, and is also certified ISO 13485 in line with the requirements of the Europe­an Directive 93/42/CEE for the production of medical equipment. As a business owner looking for a quality laser hair removal machine this should give you peace of mind. As a consumer looking for laser hair removal, but worried about burns and skin damage, this should give you peace of mind. These are not certifications that can just be bought. Actual processes exist to ensure that EFB products are of the highest quality, which is more than most IPL & laser hair removal device manufacturers can say. EFB takes this so seriously they even GUARANTEE a 95-100% efficiency rate of hair removal on EVERY single flash produced by their machines. We’ll talk about how they do that in a moment.

As of 2018, we have 24 worldwide patents on the various systems and mechanicals of each Adena & Anthelia IPL sold, including the patented technology for the depilation of blond, white, grey & red hairs. This give our partner laser clinics in Canada to have a huge ad­vantage over any of their local competitors!


If you’re a salon owner then you know that the competition between laser & IPL manufacturers and distributor is fierce! With offerings from the like of Syneron-Candela, Sharplight, Alma Lasers, Lightsheer Technologies, Nubody (with the Dermalase), Apilux, Vlora, Cynosure, Active Crystal,  Angelite and many other inexpensive overseas solutions you really have a wide array of options to choose from. I mean laser hair removal and other services performed by an IPL machine, are the number one growing trend in beauty & esthetics treatments. When choosing an IPL machine you also need to be aware of where the machines are actually being made.  Many of the companies listed above ARE Canadian companies, BUT their machines are only assembled in Canada. The parts are actually often made in China where quality control and expectations are much lower than what a Canadian (or French) manufacturer are required to have. These machines can still be Health Canada approved but are made with cheap, unreliable parts that are not going to last for you as a business owner and should bring up safety concerns.  So that’s the competition that we’re dealing with here.

On the other hand, you could choose an EFB IPL machine, get the patented technology for removing white & blond hairs, while also having the assurance of French, EU controlled quality. And of course coming from the land of Louis Vuitton, these are some beautifully made machines that would make any salon, spa or laser clinic look really slick. All EFB Anthelia & Adena machines & parts are made & assembled in France.

Another area that should interest you is the actual servicing of an IPL machine or how to service your laser hair machine. Many of the above competitors require a long expensive process whereby every 3-6 months YOU need to pay for a tech to come in and service the machine. This usually runs the salon or spa a cost of $300-600 per day of servicing and depending on your machine that could be for more than one day! Of course you also can’t use your machine during this period so not only are you paying for the servicing, but you’re losing appointments because of it! An average laser clinic seeing just a handful of clients per day is making at least $900 in revenue (and actually I’d say that’s a slow one) so really you’re paying a lot more than that…

In terms of servicing an EFB Anthelia or Adena IPL, you might want to be sitting down for this, but as long as you change the water every month (using only de-mineralized water!) then all you need to do is change the ionising cartridge twice a year, for a total cost of approximately $100.


But you know what, at this point I’ve been tossing names around for a while so let’s actually talk about our two lovely IPL machines…

Meet Anthelia, the bigger more powerful unit between the two, capable of working with all 6 Fitzpatrick skin types and able to work at a rate of 1 flash per second. What’s also cool about the Anthelia is that both hand-pieces are always attached and save you the 30 seconds it takes to swap them out compared to when you’re using the compact model:


 “A superior machine for the serious clinic! Performance is time and time is money.”

- Master Esthetician, Corinne Riou

With a sleek, European design, your clients are always impressed when they see the EFB Anthelia IPL. With it’s easy to use client memory system, ability to service *any of the six different skin tones and efficiently administer the client’s treatment within only minutes! With the fast­est and most consistent flashes, you and your staff will be able to provide the safest, most effective treatments for your busy & consistent clientele.

Meet Adena, a compact machine designed to be portable enough that you could do treatments just about anywhere (though you’ll need a special license for this).  This machine works with 5 out of the 6 Fitzpatrick skin tones and is capable of 1 flash per 2.4 seconds:



 “The perfect compact IPL for any business owner looking to grow their practice!”

- Master Esthetician, Corinne Riou

With a sleek compact design, your clients are always impressed when they see the EFB Adena IPL. With it’s easy to use client memory system, and light-weight functional design you or your tech is able to quickly and efficiently administer the client’s treatment. Within 5-10 minutes they are done and you have another exceptional experience under your belt.


In this section we’re going to talk a little bit about some of the other defining (a.k.a. globally patented) features of EFB IPL that once again, our competitors cannot and do not have:

- Double System Filter: Most manufacturers use dichroic filter that do a poor job of filtering the light created by the flashes and can provoke burning. DSF Technology (Double System Filter) is a patented design by EFB Beauty that absorbs specific types of light for better efficiency and higher safety.  It’s extremely important that the light is filtered properly! Our filter is designed to:

  • Eliminate UVA-UVB, & IR rays
  • Avoid any burns
  • Keep only the wavelength captured by the target
  • Increase efficiency

The applicators are also equipped with a special fibre-optic cables and a rounded border for more comfort during use.

Patent Number:  WO2009136103A2

- GSM (Over-the-air) Updates: What is the GSM (Global System of Communication)?  The GSM is a long-distance management system. Each unit has a serial number and a microchip that allows over the air communication with the company servers meaning your device is always up to date with the latest software optimizations no matter where in the world your IPL machine is. This helps to ensure the safety and efficiency of your IPL device.

An Adéna unit (Anthelia coming in 2019) equipped with this technology permits:

  • Purchase flash packs with a lower cost per unit;
  • Recharge your flashes on the go and as needed;
  • Not have to buy new handpieces;
  • Have a hand piece that is always under warranty;
  • Get faster, easier after service.

-Energy Compensator: The efficiency of an IPL is linked to the power and smoothness of the light flashes. A variation of 10% of the delivered energy by an applicator has a serious effect on the quality of the treatments and number of treatments require for desired results and can lead to burning of the skin and over time the efficiency of other machines declines with use. EFB Beauté can guarantee a 95% precision throughout the entire life of the applicator thanks to their patented energy compensation system. The Energy Regulating System guarantees a constant power per flash for the entire life of the applicator! With a consistent flow of energy, a client can see permanent results in 5-7 sessions spaced out over 8-12 weeks (depending on the area treated and hair type).

In case you’re interested here’s how we test the strength and efficiency of any IPL device:

To explain what’s being shown here, Fred (the man in the video) is using a Joules Meter to measure the amount of energy being flashed by the IPL (2017 Anthelia model shown) and you can clearly see that in both flashes the machine puts out exactly the amount of energy desired by the technician. If you’re curious to test the strength/efficiency of your machine, give us a call and one of our reps can visit you to see at what level your machine is performing at!

Patent Number: EP1749494

-Hydraulic Water Cooling System: In contrast to other IPL manufacturers that use an air cooling system, EFB Beauté utilizes a unique water cooling system that offers dramatically better performance and is much safer for use.

This lets us:

  • Keep the fibre optic conduits at a low temperature (+comfort);
  • Emit more energy per flash (+efficiency);
  • Rythm of flashes is higher(+speed);
  • Life-cycle of the lamp is longer (+reliability);
  • Use of demineralized water lets us reduce the frequency of maintenance down to once per 6 months;
  • Reduces the risks of fire & failure (+security/safety)!

-Removing White & Blond Hairs with Laser: White, grey and blond hairs have little or no melanin. As such these hairs cannot be heated in order to be eliminated like other hairs. EFB Beauté has developed a technique specific to the issue and has included this technology in their hand-pieces to destroy the bulbs of blond, grey and white hairs.

This patent is internationally exclusive to EFB products.

Patent Number: WO2007045793


The next couple sections will detail the full list of services available with an Adena or Anthelia IPL Machine.



Standard IPL hair removal process for black & brown hairs. IPL treatments are similar to laser hair removal treatments although instead of going from hair to hair, IPLs are able to remove entire spots of hair all at once making the process much quicker and reducing a client’s discomfort during the process. The way this is done is by targeting the light color wave length of the hair and hitting it with a high amount of energy that creates heat inside the hair, vaporizes/destroys the hair and does not burn the skin. In many instances clients will feel very little when receiving an IPL treatment.  For black and brown hair both Adena and Anthelia are guaranteed to perform at a 95-100% efficiency rate thanks to their patented energy compensation technique. Thanks to this consistent flash power, someone who is looking for laser/IPL hair removal services can expect results within 5-7 treatments on average, a little ahead of industry standards for both laser and IPL services.


And the now the secret weapon for our EFB IPLs! In terms of function the treatment is administered in relatively the same manner as the black & brown hairs, however since there is no pigment (or very little pigment) they are near impossible for regular IPL or laser hair removal machines to remove (and if they do it’s with an incredible amount of effort and pain!). Back in 2008 EuroFeedback Beauté patented a newly developed technique that is capable of removing blonde, white, grey & red hairs just as effectively as the black and brown hairs. How this function actually works is a trade secret so I can’t actually tell you how, at least until you’ve purchased a machine and completed your training. But again it’s back by EFB’s guarantee of 95-100% efficiency.


The miracles of the IPL machine offer way more than just hair removal! Photo-rejuvenation is a powerful method of stimulating the body’s natural functions to do what they normally do when we’re younger. By flashing the targeted skin colors wave length of light we are able to have the light from the IPL machine penetrate deep down into the skin to stimulate the collagen production process of the skin. In the image below you can see how the different layers of the skin aren’t perfectly organized:


However once the treatment is administered the skin starts to get organized, produce more collagen (the yellow layer) and even out. This is very important as what causes wrinkles, lines and uneven texture in the skin is a lack of proper support underneath the surface layers (which is also why one should have a great skin care regime). Post treatment the client will see an immediate lift effect and over the following 6 days as the body follows its natural processes to produce more collagen, the client will see a fuller, smoother effect on the whole of their treated area. This picture only shows what’s happening underneath the skin, which is of course the most important area, but a quick for the effects of photo-rejuvenation will show you the rather dramatic effects this can have on any area of the body.


The fourth treatment that is signature of EFB IPLs is the elimination of pigmentary spots from the skin (including freckles). With just one treatment Adena or Anthelia can dramatically reduce the appearance of the spots while also limiting future over production of melanin. Demonstrated in the picture below is how dark spots are formed:


Everybody’s skin carries melanocytes which are responsible for the production melanin, which is the pigmentation responsible for our skin’s tanning effect when exposed to UV radiation. On it’s own melanin can actually absorb and dissipate up to 99.99% of all UV radiation coming in contact with our body. From there the response is to darken the skin in order to prevent any serious damage to our cells (as dark absorbs light). In many people though the melanocytes responsible for the production of our natural pigmentation can be overactive and cause what is known as sun spots, dark spots, freckles, & aging/age spots which may or may not bother the person, however they are typically quite noticeable and so for esthetic reasons a person may want them removed. With ONE treatment from an EFB Adena or Anthelia IPL here’s what we can promise:


One more impressive reason for you to want to bring an EFB IPL into your business…


Next up we have the varicose veins treatment. Varicose veins are essentially clogged veins that have stopped or slowed down the passage of blood through it. With a little heat and encouragement this sometimes unsightly condition can be reduced and vein function restored. One treatment can give you these kinds of results:



Finally the 6th IPL treatment available is for another common esthetic problem which is Acne. Treating acne with an IPL is a very quick and effective way of helping to control the production of sebum while immediately reducing the look of acne. Here’s the before and after of 1 treatment with an EFB IPL:


This is especially powerful when paired with a chemical peel (such as the France Laure Propeel 35% Glycolic acid peel) and good quality home skin care regime targeting oil production and acne. The IPL treatments will help the skin be prepared and do a lot of the work very quickly, but the only way for sustained results when it comes to acne is through good at home skin care routines.


So as you can see in terms of available treatments the EFB Anthelia and Adena offer you a wide range of options targeting all of the most common esthetics issues. Once you’ve removed a clients unwanted hairs you can then upsell them (and their referrals) on the other services available at your salon, spa or medical clinic using your new IPL.


When you purchase an EFB IPL with SVF Co. you’re guaranteed top tier service and easy process all the way through. Once you’ve decided on your method of financing either cash, credit card or leasing (in which case we work with over 40 different lenders who have experience in leasing an IPL or laser hair removal device) we will work with you to organize your delivery, right after which you should receive your training and make sure that you know what to do with the machines.

After your training is completed our team will work with you to organize an open house event to bring in all of your current clients and prospects so that we can together show them the effects of the your chosen IPL. We will also work with you to create specific online branding that you cn use on your Facebook and social media pages to help you promote the machine further. Also included with either purchase is your in salon, spa, clinic marketing kit which comprises of brochures , posters  & a video to play in your waiting room to help your clients learn more about the services available. Digital copies of the materials will also be provided in the event that you need to order more. We can also provide additional printed copies for you for an additional cost.

In terms of warranty, EFB offers a 2 year comprehensive warranty on the main unit of the Adena and 3 years comprehensive warranty on the Anthelia. For either machine, if they are equipped with the GSM technology that allows for over the air updates, you will also receive a LIFETIME warranty on the the hand pieces.


Also included with your EFB IPL machine is 2 days of health Canada certified training. You will learn in depth on how to provide the treatments, how to work with the EFB interface (which I haven’t even talked about! It’s so good!) what supplies you will need in order to work with the IPL, how to market your services to maximise the profitability and how to care for and sanitize the machine. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the examination.


If you were to introduce Anthelia or Adena to your clients you might want to consider the financial benefits of leasing or financing your IPL device making it easier to upgrade in the future while sparring you the upfront expense of the machines now


What do you get when you partner up with a company? Working with our competitors you get great customer support, and all the IPL expertise that you could want. They are pretty good at what they do after all.

Working with us, you get great customer support, all the IPL expertise you could want, easy no-hassle servicing, free consulting hours and on-going business building support and training, PLUS the opportunity to receive up to a $30,000 TRADE-IN credit! Unheard of in our industry!


In this section we’ll look at how to maximise your profits from your IPL device. In the table below we have a breakdown based on seeing 4 clients per day, in a 22 workday month (so you still get your weekends off!) using the intro level Adena model IPL:


As you can see if you just do basic hair removal services, 4 times per day over the course of a month, even after paying all of your expenses (including a lease expense!) , you can still profit more than $6400 per month or $76,800 a year based on part-time work. Obviously if you want to earn more, find a few more clients! Each session, depending on the area being done will be anywhere from 5 minutes to maybe 20 minutes if you work slowly. In terms of the profit per time spent, IPLs are considerably more profitable than any other service available in the esthetics industry. Manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and other treatments that are super price competitive require at least 20-30 minutes to do, and then even more time when you count the necessary setup, take down, and constant restocking.


By now you should have a good idea of why IPLs are so good for your salon or spa business. You should also have a good understanding of the many technological advantages EFB can offer you in comparison to competitors such as Sharplight or Alma Laser. If you think this could be a great addition to your business and really help you work smarter then contact us using the form below and let’s find out if you qualify!