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Starvac Star Body Program for Body Sculpting Treatments

Just launched for 2020! The Star Body Program is one that we designed so you can give your clients the body of their dreams! Make them look AND FEEL like a Super Star Celebrity with this Star Body Body Sculpting program.


The Star Body Program is possible thanks to the use of Starvac DX Twin & DX Smart Body Sculpting platforms, but they are actually so much more than that! Combined with simple, basic & easy lifestyle choices, we can help anyone look & feel like a Billion dollars!


With 45 years of experience in the field of natural body enhancements, Starvac is an industry leader and innovator! Their technology is some of the best warrantied, and easiest to service among any other platforms available and plus their services are 100% safe. Because of their holistic nature, the treatments work WITH the body not against the body (unlike other available forms of body-sculpting or surgery) and so there is never any downtime pre or post treatment.



In partnership with Spa Vision Financial we have created the ultimate body sculpting program that is perfect for someone looking to respect the natural physiology of the body or who is preparing for other treatments such as Coolsculpting.

Some of the results clients can expect from undergoing the Star Body Program  are the following:

  1. Faster Weight Loss
  2. Better Muscle Toning
  3. More Energy
  4. Cleansing of Toxins
  5. Increased collagen levels for anti-aging effect
  6. Better circulation 
  7. Lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness
  8. A sense of "Good" and "Inner Cleanliness"

To top it off, it's very easy to clients to incorporate our daily living guidelines that will accelerate and guarantee their results.


When you introduce the Star Body Program into your spa, you're getting an all inclusive package with:

  • Your choice of DX Twin or DX Smart
  • Cabin products for treatment
  • Training for up to 6 staff members
  • Retail products for home-care
  • Printed and digital marketing materials
  • Spa Vision Platform Marketing Strategy  

If you believe you might be interested in learning how the Star Body Program by Spa Vision can help you grow your business by $250,000 or more per year using our specialty marketing systems! Available everywhere in Canada!

Contact us either by phone at 1-877-841-5092, email us at (not .com!) or by using the form below: