Retail & Wholesale Business Consulting Services

 $200-$400 per Hour

What's your next big project for your business? Who's going to be doing what and how will you execute? Are you testing out a new strategy on faith alone or do you have something that's proven time and again to deliver results? Having an experienced team member to look over, evaluate and aid you in executing and managing this program is often the difference between lackluster and legendary results. Consider this for your next projects: 

Spa Vision Financial's areas of specialty:

Business Plan Development and Review:

When growing your business, the business plan should be your fluid guide in implementing any changes, making any large investments, opening another location or expanding internationally. This document is of particular importance when you are seeking financing, or to bring on new business partners. Virtually every bank and experienced business partner is going to want to see that you are aware of the forces that impact your business, whether they be local or international.

Where else can you use a business plan? Other than getting business financing for a new project, or attracting investors into your business, the other and often overlooked group of people that should be involved are your staff! Not only will showing them the plan inspire them, give them security and make them feel more involved, they are also some of your best opportunities for feedback and ensuring that your plan properly connects. Remember teamwork makes the dream work!

Finally, entrepreneurs are always the passion behind their businesses and so sometimes miss out on the finer points when they put their first draft together. What they need is someone who can both believe in their vision and ask for the finer details, and help to organize the work. 

Location & Showroom Evaluation and Design:

Is your business setup for success? Do your clients feel the natural flow of your space, or is it tight, cramped and uncomfortable?

Getting Reviews and Testimonials from Your Clients:

Word of Mouth is the MOST powerful marketing tool in the world.

Local Marketing & Partnership Strategies:

Is your neighbor your client? If not why aren't they!? If you have a retail business that's located nearby other retailers or service providers, it is in your best interest to get them in the doors! This helps to build a sense of community and support between one another, even if your neighbor isn't exactly the type of person in need of your service, perhaps their spouse or some of their clients may be interested in what you offer.


Ecommerce Sales and Implementation for Retailers and Wholesalers:

For many traditional businesses, going from the traditional world of in person sales to including an online platform to promote themselves is often confusing & unclear of its actual value, especially when most of your sales depend on referrals, word of mouth or actual sales representatives. Many business owners also often get swept up in the hype presented by Youtube entrepreneurs who seemingly overnight are capable of 6 figure incomes from just online sales. The reality is Ecommerce is something that needs a good plan, strong foundations, and ongoing support. Depending on your product or service there are different avenues that can be brought together to create a cohesive 6 or 7 figure plan, it all depends on how far you want this learning to go. Because with that accurate knowledge, you can create 6 figure businesses every month. For most Retailers and Wholesalers however, Ecommerce sales are more about making it easier for your current clients, your team members and partners to provide the service or product you are selling. It's about having a proper, consistent, and professional presentation that your sales agents can use to more easily convince prospects to buy, right on the spot.


If your business is looking at any of these areas, Spa Vision offers a free review of your project to see if we are able to assist you in building your organization. The team provides both the actual planning & strategy aspect and can also offer the implementation by working with you, your team and Spa Vision Financial's team of professionals. Long-term & volume consulting rates are available at a discount from the regular hourly.

If you find that any of these projects may be a fit for you, please contact the office using the form below: