International Marketing Services


 Taylor Opheim

  • CEO of Spa Vision Financial
  • 7 years as Executive in B2B Wholesale Firm in Canada targeting Beauty & Wellness
  • Sales Script Writing
  • Sales Training & Development
  • Sales Process Development
  • Marketing Graphic Design and Ecommerce
  • Languages Spoken:
    • English
    • French
  • Developing Languages:
    • Spanish
    • Mandarin
    • Cantonese

In today's global economy it is more important than ever to be able to connect across continents and build trust, credibility and by consequence sales in order to reach your businesses maximum potential. 

Although you're probably already doing fairly well in your current region, you've probably already started to think about expanding to another country or 12. The obvious and best way to do this of course is to be able to communicate with your potential future market. Most lost business deals are often due to a lack of communication or misunderstanding.

Being able to professionally present your product or service to the target market and explain to them why they are worth investing in is an area of international sales development that is often lacking. Most companies tend to find someone who speaks their native language and ask them to translate into a second/third language (or worse they rely only on an online translator like Google Translate!) without having it reviewed by someone with whom the translated content could be presented to. All too often the subtleties of languages are lost and the marketing looks cheap, untrustworthy and unfinished. 

You cannot build a strong, successful brand internationally with second-rate local area marketing.

Clients and culture need to be respected. Understanding how it is that they do business in their country and knowing what types of materials are being presented to them by your soon to be current competitors, would go a really long way in being able to instantly establish trust.

This is an area where I see and have had many Asia based companies struggle to make an impact with native English & French speaking countries. Over the years I have received thousands of emails and hundreds of messages & phone calls, particularly from China based companies, that without my experience in dealing with different cultures, would not have made a lot of sense. 

There is a big disconnect between Asian, European & North American business culture. For the companies that take the initiative to invest in and create proper materials, scripts and processes, there is a massive opportunity to expand, understand and scale very rapidly.

Obviously if you are having success in your home country, you are looking at achieving the sales overseas or in a neighboring country. It's a matter of getting the same results, respecting different traditions, different styles and using different platforms.

For example, in China WeChat by TenCent Corporation is likely the most successful method of communication and an easy way for sales people to prospect and do business. In Canada or USA however, only the small portion of native Chinese people use or know of WeChat, everyone else is more familiar with platforms like Mailchimp/Email Marketing, Facebook, Google & Amazon.

Additionally many Europeans and North Americans are going to want video content such as Youtube channels and live webinars on Zoom before they even consider looking further into a product. This is especially true in business to business cases where the sales will typically be of higher value and more complexity. And again, the language style used and presentation styling HAVE to be adapted.

Delving further into demographics, the density & logistics of a country must also be considered when considering whether or not it will be a fit for your marketing strategy and budget. 

If the above feels relevant to your situation and you have a company that is producing  $1,500,000USD or more per year in sales that would like to establish a new presence in a foreign country, or increase market penetration in a country where you already have a small presence, then it is very likely that you could use our services, some examples of what Spa Vision Financial can do for you & your team:

  • Sales Coaching & Development
  • Language and Scripting reviews & creation
  • Creation of Digital and Print Marketing Materials
  • Building a local Ecommerce/Dropshipping relationship & strategy
  • Market Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Introductions to key industry associations or stakeholders
  • Sales Team Recruiting & Training*

 If you have a project in mind similar to the above and are considering international expansion for your business, please fill in this form below with some details related to your project, we are happy to make your acquaintance!