RX Super Spa - Own a Profitable Medi-Spa with the Most In-Demand Treatments!


A unique opportunity in one of the fastest growing markets!

As the fastest growing sector in the spa & wellness industry, laser hair removal is where you want to position yourself to be successful. With the only machines in the world that can eliminate blond, white, grey & red hairs effectively, RX Super Spa offers you an incredible opportunity to own your own business and invest in your future in Canada.

Entrepreneurs are always attracted to the beauty & wellness industry. There are so many opportunities for someone who is empassioned by service to jump right into and potentially turn a profit. However many entrepreneurs struggle to really find the success they are looking for as they often lack the experience or systems necessary to creating a successful business and building a strong nest-egg for their future. Meanwhile consumers are overwhelmed & confused by the ever increasing amount of choices, treatments and new machines coming into the beauty therapist’s business, often not knowing or noticing the difference  between a high-priced treatment at a clinic or the low-cost treatments available.


A laser is a laser right? And wait, what’s an IPL?? With RX Super Spa we offer a results oriented experience for both entrepreneurs and consumers. For entrepreneurs we off them a growing branded business that will only increase in value as more locations are added while also giving them all the systems they need to have in place to maximize their potential from day one. Backed by patented, clinically trialed equipment & products consumers can have peace of mind that they’re not wasting their money on just another beauty treatment and are making a real investment in themselves.

RX Super Spa is an opportunity aimed at consumers living in large urban centers with a some degree of disposable income. They are interested in fast, efficient, high-quality services certified as effective. A standard beauty clinic likely doesn’t offer them quite the experience they’re interested in as they find peace in results. Demographically speaking, we expect the average client to be female, between the ages of 30-50 and is likely an executive or high-level business professional in her career.


For entrepreneurs, RX is ideal for someone who wants to take advantage of a growing brand, with a solid method of operation, in a cash-flowing industry. Being a part of RX means you will be a part of a family and network of support, where you have multiple entrepreneurs like yourself supporting you from around the world! 


What’s Included:
- Spa location search
- Full RX Branding for Your Spa
- 2 Full Week of Training with on-going support
- Reception Desk & Furniture
- Retail Display
- Retail Products
- Required Technology Assets (inc. payment processor)
- Accounting and Insurance support
- Two Treatment Rooms & associated furnishings
- One EFB Beauté Anthelia IPL
- One Starvac DX Twin Body-Sculpting machine
-Required Disposables & Sanitation products
-Established distribution channels.

- A desire to build an amazing future with a new company
- A desire to provide quality service to the people
- A desire to learn the art & science of IPL hair removal
- Are physically able to provide beauty treatments
- Ideally previous business, esthetics or medical experience

- Located inside either mall, strip mall, medical office building or other professionals building
- 1 Furnished room for IPL services
- 1 Furnished room for  body-sculpting services
- Furnished waiting area (includes desk, technology, waiting chairs, retail displays & POS Materials)


This makes RX Super the perfect opportunity for someone who is looking for an easy to operate business within a growing industry sector.

If you'd like more information on our upcoming franchise program please visit our franchisee website at: www.rxspafranchise.com and submit an application.

As of January 2020, RX Super Spa franchises are only available in Canada starting in September. If you are seeking an immediate investment, please contact Spa Vision Financial with regards to a Joint-Venture partnership.