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StarBody DX Twin Body-Sculpting Machine

StarBody DX Twin Body-Sculpting Machine

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Thanks to the advanced technology developed through its accessories, the DXtwin is the first device to allow a tridimensional action ensuring a perfect mastery of connective tissues while providing an intense sensation of wellbeing. Treatment time becomes a privileged moment, where efficiency and relaxation perfectly complement each other ! Cellulite fat is resistant to calory-control and weight-loss, which gives the DXtwin a major and crucial role in slimming programs. The DXtwin is the very latest innovation in mechanical palpate/roll massage technology, issued from Starvac Group ’s research, building on more than 40 years’ experience in the field of beauty and health.

This device combines the most advanced technological knowledge, which has been granted two new patents, to address a wide range of issues in various fields: beauty, therapy, sports and relaxation.

Thanks to the patented STARVAC treatment heads EVO3D and EVOSPHERE, the Stretching Cellulaire® generates unique and unequalled stretching movements of the muscle cells, epidermis, dermis and hypodermis but also of the connective tissue surrounding them (blood capillaries, lymphatic capillaries, collagen and elastin fibres). Cells stimulated this way will result in the activation of natural physiological processes. Neither the hand nor any other technique can reproduce the action of the double skin fold. The Cellular Stretching® method is 100% natural, painless, respecting the physiology of the body and allowing to treat all skin types including the most fragile ones.

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* Clinical study conducted by SFAS in 2014

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