EFB Adena IPL For Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

EFB Adena IPL For Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

The Adena Compact IPL 

The ideal IPL for new estheticians


Designed for additional versatility in the medi-spa or laser clinic setting, this unit fits perfectly on top of most spa trolleys or medical cabinets. With easy carry handles fitted to the bottom of the unit and weighing in at only 70lbs, the Adena IPL is easy to carry and move around.


This IPL is capable of treating Fitzpatrick phototypes 1-5 with regular dark hair removal and 1-4 for specialty treatments such as blond & white hair removal. As of 2019 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and laser hair removal services are among the top 3 most requested services in the beauty & wellness industry.


This unit is perfect for anyone who is looking to both make use of the unit in spa and potentially earn additional income through renting & transporting the unit to other spa or clinic owners in need. 

The two plug and play hand-pieces come standard with 30,000 flashes each on the Adena. Only one hand-piece can be plugged in at a time, however the machine automatically recognizes which hand piece is connected requiring no additional technical setup once plugged in.

With an estimated average service price of $60 and each service only requiring an average of 10-20 flashes, you will be able to generate between $180,000-$360,000! So from the get go you can up to 3-6x your initial investment before you even restock! 

Furthermore as of 2018, EFB has updated their policy regarding the use of the GSM global management system (which allows users to update their units with new flashes overnight!) so that it is now free and included with every unit! Not only does this reduce shipping wait times, but also it reduces the cost of your new flashes by up to 25%!

Here is what one happy spa has to say about their experience using the Adena's blond & white hair removal feature:

If your still on the fence about introducing IPL services into your spa, or you're not sure that you can afford it, or are currently stuck in a lease on an older machine Spa Vision Financial makes new IPL ownership as easy as possible! Some of the benefits of working with us are:

  • Receive a trade-in or lease payout credit up to $15,000 on Adena, or $25,000 on Anthelia!
  • Free marketing consultation and implementation plan with our CEO
  • Our prices are all inclusive of hand-pieces, flashes, training, & shipping! No additional costs.

If this sounds like the type of machine and the type of service you would like to receive, fill-in the form below and someone from our offices will contact you with further information:

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