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The BIOLAB depilatory range is a distinctive choice for beauty professionals.

Entirely developed and tested in our laboratories, it is composed of top-quality natural ingredients to meet all hair removal needs. Our research and development team is at the forefront of innovative formulas with high-performance textures. BIOLAB depilatory waxes are produced with pine resin from Portugal extracted in the purest tradition. Its harvest respects the rhythm of nature, no sulphuric acid is applied to the trees to stimulate resin production.

Waxes made from resin that has not been chemically altered with sulphuric acid retains more heat, cools more quickly in contact with air and works in more liquid textures. They are applied in thinner layers, allowing a greater number of applications than with standard waxes. Thanks to the superior quality of our pine resin, BIOLAB waxes have maximum adhesion, viscosity and elasticity properties, are more economical, less painful, less prone to irritation or allergic reactions and leave no residue on the skin.

BIOLAB waxes adhere to the hair without colouring the skin. They are suitable for use on all areas of the body and all hair types.

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