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PURE Hydrafacial Machine

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PURE HydraFacial Equipment is a state-of-the-art tool designed specifically for professional estheticians. With a range of features :8 -in-1, including HydraFacial attachment with 3 different handles, Microdermabrasion, LED therapy, suction cups for face and neck massage, facial scrubber for facial extractions and lymphatic drainage massage, D'arsonval (high-frequency treatment), RadioFrequency, and Ultrasound Handles for face and eyes, this equipment is the ultimate solution for any esthetician looking to provide top-quality skincare services.

  • Multi Functional, advanced technology
  • User friendly operating screen
  • Convert pure water into hydrogen and oxygen ion water, produce H2 molecules on the skin surface, so that water molecules quickly penetrate into the dermis
  • Promote collagen and blood circulation, increase skin elasticity
  • Hydration, rejuvenation and whitening
  • Deep cleaning, controlled suction
  • Specialized accessories.
  • Large Unit, Floor version with wheels.

Training and delivery are included with your purchase anywhere in Canada.

Our mission is to give every spa, every esthetician the power to maximize their income and lower their investment. We concentrate not only on custom consulting  for any business growth and manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment for stand-alone and cross-technology procedures, but also educating our clients and shipping arrangements worldwide.

We believe that Pure Global Spa Equipment makes the difference for business owners all over the world.

Click here to apply for financing & see what your payment can be!