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Prolux AFT-IPL Medical Spa Laser for Hair Removal & Photorejuvenation

Prolux AFT-IPL Medical Spa Laser for Hair Removal & Photorejuvenation

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AFT stands for Advanced Fluorescent Technology. AFT Laser is the next generation of IPL laser treatment technology. This technology improves texture, tone, appearance and age spot removal of the skin with minimal downtime.

AFT uses low energy light to gently heat and reduce skin imperfections. This unique “Equal Distribution” technique, varies from a traditional IPL treatment. Most lasers only produce a single wavelength of light and limits on what they can effectively treat. AFT, however, emits a particular type of light, transmitting energy pulses over many wavelengths. This allows the light to penetrate the skin. Our unique spectrum filtering system eliminates hot spots. This allows the AFT treatment to produce a more powerful yet safe and effective treatment.

Key Feature:

  1. Each unit comes equipped with 300,000 pulses (150,000/handpiece).
  2. No need to swap handpieces, always connected.
  3. Built-in, adjustable contact cooling
  4. Over 30 treatable conditions!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do all the letters in AFT–IPL stand for?

AFT stands for Advanced Fluorescence Technology, and IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL laser treatments have been offered since the mid-1990s, and AFT laser therapy is an advanced, next-generation of IPL laser therapy. It is also known as a photo facial or photo rejuvenation.

What type of laser is used in AFT?

Low-energy light with many wavelengths is pulsed below the skin’s surface into the tissue below. IPL uses broadband pulsed light, and AFT laser technology uses fluorescent pulsed light. A special spectrum filtering system is incorporated to equally distribute the light and heat.

Is this type of laser safe?

IPL laser treatment has been available for many years. AFT laser therapy is an improved form of Intense Pulse Light. The result is a more powerful IPL, but a safer method because, as mentioned earlier, the heat is apportioned evenly throughout the skin cells, therefore eliminating any hot spots.

How long does the session last?

An AFT–IPL session is completed in approximately 30 minutes. Dr. Torgerson’s laser clinic will recommend a treatment package of 3 to 4 sessions spaced approximately 4 weeks apart for optimal results.

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