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MVX Nano-Mask Anti-Viral Face Mask Box

MVX Nano-Mask Anti-Viral Face Mask Box

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Box of 100 Masks. Packaged for Retail resale. SRP: $19.95.

The MVX Nano Mask comes after 4 years of extensive research and development into the MVX Protex Solution -  a molecular nancoat proven to kill 99.9% of viruses on contact.

Effective inhibition of infectious agents present in the surrounding environment is crucial for our biosafety. The use of a self-cleaning sanitizing mask will of great value in the prevention of contamination and disease contraction.

Using self-cleaning technology, the MVX Nano Mask is tested and proven to kill 99.9% of viruses (including Coronavirus) and self-cleans to remain effective and sterile over the period of 14 days. 

Each mask, sold separately, is 100% reusable for 14 days from the day that it is opened. This makes the MVX Nano Mask a more sustainable & convenient option in virus prevention compared to carrying a multitude of disposable products.

Each box is sold ready for retail and contains 100 individually packaged MVX Nano Masks. For orders in excess of 10 boxes, please contact for us for specialty pricing.

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