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Medical Esthetician Certification 12 Day Training Course

Medical Esthetician Certification 12 Day Training Course

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Become a certified Medical Esthetician today! The Spa Vision Medical Esthetician Certificate course is your full course to become a Certified Medical Esthetician. It includes teaching of several aesthetic procedures with a medical approach to regenerate aged skin and to reduce / remove skin imperfections effectively and safely! Upon completion of the course and passing of exams, students will receive their diploma of certification.

Students will learn how to utilize and apply several approved devices and techniques including microneedling, advanced facial techniques, Microdermabrasion, IPL for hair removal, pigmentation removal, and  superficial spider veins & capillaries, acne lesions, skin rejuvenation, body contouring and how to properly do a client consultation and upsell.
  • 12 day course
  • Spa Operations - 2 days
  • Skin & Body Physiology - 3 day
  • IPL+ & Laser - 2 days
  • Body Contouring - StarBody & Radio-Frequency - 2 days
  • Microneedling - 1 Day
  • Chemical Peels & Skin Care - 2 Days
Spa Vision Academy course are always taught by professionals with direct & actual experience of at least 5 or more years in the field of Medical Esthetics & spa business operations so not only will you gain skills and a certificate but also be able to connect with a mentor who can help you find your way in this career. We believe that success is more than just knowing how to do the job, but knowing how to live life doing it.

Classes can be attended live, in-person or via recordings. Both live and in-person classes will receive recordings as well as starter kits. Recorded classes do not include starter kits which need to be purchased separately.

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