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France Laure - Intense Corrective Serum- Dark Spot Skin Lightening Treatment

Simply Photogenius!

Lumiperfection considerably reduces the synthesis of melanin (less 70%), attenuates and diminishes spots, lightens and unifies complexion. Skin tone becomes light and luminous, youthfully renewed, without harmful chemical effects. By lightening visible pigmentary spots, we subside aging effects.

The synergy of ingredients such as Indian cress flower, scutellaria, white mulberry, saxifrage, raisin and campo matsutake-singer (Singapore mushroom) offer a natural answer targeting all hyperpigmented problems of the skin without irritation, nor toxicity.
Following the devastating damages of such sun abuse, white complexions are once again a sign of health, radiance and youthfulness.

The actual suntan is a physiological defense system that is triggered once the skin is exposed to the sun therefore coloring it trying to protect itself from UV rays. Other factors give pigment to the skin, however, in certain cases, this system fails somewhat. The sun aggravates and accelerates the appearance of pigmentary spots, which can manifest themselves 10 to 20 years after irradiations; then it’s not only fine lines and wrinkles that can make you look older.

Lumiperfection works as of the first applications. Truly biological messenger, Lumiperfection blocks the excessive production of melanin responsible for the appearance of brown spots and stops the production of black melanin: it acts as a lock on the synthesis of melanin. Lumiperfection prevents the appearance of brown spots and attenuates the color and size of already existing ones.

In addition, a professional cure of Proto-Coll Lumiperfection is a must in the war against pigmentary spots.

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Cosmetics France Laure is one the signature lines available at Breizh Beauty & Spa Supply Co.. We are proud to have over 30 years of history with this revolutionary line in the world of professional cosmetics.