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Introductory Skin Care, Chemical Peels & Facial Training Course with France Laure Cosmetique

Introductory Skin Care, Chemical Peels & Facial Training Course with France Laure Cosmetique

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During this 3 day course, you will learn the physiology of the skin, how to use different products and provide both a basic facial treatment and introductory chemical peel that will provide you the direct skills needed to achieve transformations for your clients. Upon completion of the course and passing of exams, a certificate of completion will be issued. 

Day 1 will consist of learning the physiology and functions of the different skin layers and how each of the cells, nerves and glands work together to provide the protection and rejuvenating functions that are handled by the skin. This part of the course is hosted virtually.

Day 2 we will cover off how to do strong consultations with your customers and provide them an effective skin analysis and all about understanding the different types products and how and why they should be combined for maximum effectiveness. On this day we will learn the generalities of moisturizers, serums, cleansers, toners, exfoliants and masks. At the end of this day students will also learn the basic facial massage techniques.

Day 3, will be the practical day in which the previously learned knowledge is applied. Participants will practice applying facial products on their models and demonstrate their knowledge of the product line they are representing. We will also cover common facial tools, such as steamers, extractors & high-frequencies and how they should be used during treatments and how they should be cleaned post treatment.

This course also includes the basic France Laure Starter kit which is sufficient for a basic facial treatment. Advanced and Premium kits should be considered if facials & chemical peels will be a regular part of your business.

Classes are available both live & recorded. Both trainings do include starter kits. 

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