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France Laure - The Duo-Lift System: An at Home Botox Replacement

THE anti-ageing solution: an alternative to Botox®

90% of subjects have confirmed visible signs in less than 30 minutes. These effects last longer than any other product reference and are completely reversible after 24 hours and without any secondary effects.

This revolutionary home treatment is the summum for preventing and smoothing wrinkles and expression lines. Backed by clinical trials, in only 7 days, you will notice an improvement in skin surface. Duo-Lift generates muscular relaxation and reduces depth of wrinkles and expression lines for renewed youth.

Duo-Lift Suite attenuates muscular contraction and softens expression lines without surgical procedures and slows the biological aging process. A patented complex fights wrinkle formation in the same way that the butilinum toxin (Botox) does by blocking mechanical factors responsible for expression lines. Furthermore, with its biological actives (such as Myoxinol), Duo-lift fights off the signs of time.

The Duo-Lift System has received the prestigious Effectiveness (in Anti-Ageing) Award at the international “World of Beauty and SPA” Trade Show.

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Cosmetics France Laure is one the signature lines available at Breizh Beauty & Spa Supply Co.. We are proud to have over 30 years of history with this revolutionary line in the world of professional cosmetics.

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