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Better Than Botox HexaPeptide 389 - 10 Day Intensive Treatment

Better Than Botox HexaPeptide 389 - 10 Day Intensive Treatment

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We are proud to be the first company to use FDA registered Safe Nanotechnology to deliver our proprietary Hexapeptide 389 under your skin, where it works as a neurotransmitter block similar to injectables. It's vital to inject or Nanotransport active anti-wrinkle biologics in order to produce any meaningful results, ask any dermatologist. Simply put, if your wrinkle treatment doesn't get under the skin efficiently it's just not going to work, period. Our complete anti wrinkle treatment systems will abate wrinkles even better than our original serums and certainly better than anything you've ever used.. The under skin transport mechanism for drug delivery is based on Safe and highly effective Nanotechnology. Many people try to copy us but there's only one original Hexapeptide 389™ with Nanotechnology transport and it's only available from your favorite salons.

Our full facial repair system!

Our patented formula works with our no needle, nanotech application system to significantly reduce forehead and upper lip wrinkles without cumbersome and painful needles. If the active ingredients don't get under the skin with either an injection or nanotechnology it is not going to work, ask any non sponsored Dermatologist. Unlike most cosmetic companies that sell a cosmetic dream with fancy words such as Gold, Aqua or H2O, we’re a science based cosmetic company. Our ingredients are all scientifically tested for safety and efficacy.  FDA registered Hexapeptide 389™ is the worlds first surface topical neuromodulator created to stop wrinkles in much the same way as the famous injectables you've known and maybe used for years. We don't pretend to match results exactly as the injectables but they can't do what we do either. You will notice a significant difference, guaranteed.

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