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Aqua Laure

Aqua Laure - Circadian CryoGel for Cellulite

Aqua Laure - Circadian CryoGel for Cellulite

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Circadian CryoGel was formulated to provide a slimming effect and smooth the skin surface during the night, the circadian rhythm includes all biological processes which have an oscillation of approximately during 24 hours.  Desired Effects: Silhouette refining with a targeted volume loss, Day and night fat-burning action, which effectively erases unwanted curves on the body (Allows tissues remodelling during a diet). Anti-cellulite care which helps reduce, smooth and soften the appearance of cellulite, Skin firmness and elasticity improvement, even at bust level, blood flow stimulation to soothe arthritis pain and inflammations.  Thanks to all its active ingredients, which adapt themselves to our fat cells biorhythm to better fight them: during the night, it limits the production of nocturnin as well as the formation of new mature adipocytes, and it stimulates the collagen synthesis; during the day, it encourages lipolysis and acts effectively on collagen and elastin production, while preventing their breakdown.

Active Ingredients: Nocturshape (TM)-Recipient of the In-Cosmetics 2015 Award, Kigelia Africana, Cellu-Plex (Red Clover, Cocoa, Green Tea), Caffeine, Horse Chestnut powder Concentrate, Derma Peptide Tightening, Wakame Bioferment, Yogurt Extract, Cranberry, Papaya and Pineapple enzymes, Esculin, Coenzyme Q10 and Carnitine, Lactic acid-based moisturizing complex, Vitamin-enriched Liposomal Complex, Vitamin B5, Peppermint & Geranium Essential Oils.

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