#3 Understand that if you own or work in a business, you’re always in the business of selling.

#3 Understand that if you own or work in a business, you’re always in the business of selling.

This article is an excerpt from our upcoming book: 101 Ways to Market Your Service Based Business.


This is a point that I’m very passionate about. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many a small business owner who really just wanted to be their own boss. Unfortunately though, once you become the boss, there’s a lot more work to be done and a lot to keep in mind than just doing the job or actual work.

Out of everything that comes with being your own boss, the number one thing to remember is that you are now, 24/7, 365 days a year, in the business of selling. You are now a salesperson. You want the bills paid? Make a sale to cover them. You want to draw a salary from your company? Make some sales. You want to hire someone? Have a great website? Build a reputation? MAKE SOME SALES.

Sales solves everything. It’s always to sell more than to cheap out and cut costs. Cost-effective budgeting IS important, however you have to be able to make the sales you need to keep your business going and eventually live the lifestyle you desire. It’s a very good problem to have too much cash in the bank and not having time to invest it, but it’s a very bad problem to be having overdrafts, credit card, and missed payments.

So if you’re at a BBQ with some friends, acquaintances, your family, always be on the lookout for an opportunity to offer someone your service or up-talk a recently satisfied customer, but always INVITE the prospect to your shop for something or other.

If you’re out with the girls/boys and having some drinks, you’re still selling.

If you’re on a boat or an airplane, you’re still selling.

If you’re in a taxi, you’re still selling.

If you’re at some kind of tradeshow, you’re still selling.

Walking down the street? Still selling…

Hiking up a mountain? You better believe you’re still selling.

Always be selling. Always be closing.

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