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Sugar of the Nile - Depilatory Sugar Paste

Sugar of the Nile sugar paste and sugaring techniques are rapidly becoming a global phenomenon! If you haven't been certified to work with this amazing depilatory solution yet, give us a call and we'll be sure to connect you a sugaring educator! A perfect and more comfortable alternative to waxing!

Our Sugar Paste is available in 5 different consistencies:

1. Sugar of the Nile Strip Paste: a thinner paste used with cotton hair removal strips.
2. Sugar of the Nile Soft Paste: for the experienced sugar technician - for use on large areas of the body.
3. Sugar of the Nile Traditional Paste: a standard-consistency paste for most hair removing needs.

4. Sugar of the Nile Island Paste: a firmer paste, for use in warmer temperatures and areas. Used for training.

5. Sugar of the Nile Bikini Paste: our most dry paste used in warmer temperatures and areas such as the bikini.

Our sugar paste is paraben free and not tested on animals.

Worried about getting the technique wrong? Watch this video and learn how to remove sugar paste with regular cotton strips:

Sugar of the Nile is a brand exclusive to Breizh in BC! Contact us today to learn more about how this can add to your business or replace Alexandria Sugar Paste!

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