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Salon Solutions Environmental Salon & Spa Cleaner 1L

Replace the Windex, Mr.Clean, Fantastik, Tide, bleach and basically anything else that you're using to clean your salon! Salon Solutions is an environmentally friendly cleaner that is made up of only 4 ingredients and smells fantastic! Dilute with water at a 10:1 ratio and you can get 10 liters of everything cleaner for only $10!!

A message from the creator:

"With that in mind I have personally cleaned the following ..

  • Automobile engines at full strength to 50/50 with water … amazing!
  • Automobile interior mats, upholstery and all interior surfaces 50/50 to 10% solution.
  • Automobile exterior, rims, tires at a 50/50 mix and about 50ml per 4l of water to wash the entire exterior
  • Carpet cleaning … full strength for stains and minimal in the application tank.
  • Walls floors and counters usually about 100 ml per 4 litres of water.
  • Shower doors (glass) takes off most of the water stains at full strength
  • Shower stall walls and tubs … removes water stains as well as oils and soap film.
  • Grout in bathroom and kitchen tiles 50/50 squirt on and scrub with an old tooth brush … you won’t believe it.
  • Used on mirrors … at 50/50 it leaves them with an anti-fog effect. PLEASE NOTE that cleaning glass is tricky as you must use a very weak solution to prevent streaking.
  • Laundry … have used it as a pretreatment for stains and ‘ring around the collar’. Also works as a laundry detergent at about 100 ml per load.
  • Works great on sinks, fixtures and back splashes.
  • There really is nothing that this product will not clean … SAFELY!!!

Try different applications and different dilutions to fine tune the process."