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France Laure - Révolusolaire Day to Day Face & Body Protection - SPF30 or SPF50

For everyday use before you head out for the day, the France Laure Révolusolaire Day to Day Protection will provide adequate care for your day out shopping or hitting the roads with the power of SPF30. Simply apply over top of your usual day cream.

For a full day out on the beach or while having a picnic choose the INTENSE SPF50 to ensure maximum protection from cancer causing free radicals! 

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Key ingredients:


- Sea Buckthorn


-Wild Rose

-Soybean Extract


-Senna Alata (Candle Bush) Extract

-Calendula Extract

-Jasmine Extract

-Sunflower Extract

-Green Tea Extract

-Vitamin E

-Vitamin B5

-Aloe Vera

-Esculin (Vitamin P)


 Cosmetics France Laure is one the signature lines available at Breizh Beauty & Spa Supply Co.. We are proud to have over 30 years of history with this revolutionary line in the world of professional cosmetics.

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