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Germiphene - Gluterate and GluteNeut

Gluterate - High Level Disinfectant/Sterilant.  Kills TB in 10 minutes, Sterilization in 10 hours.  Ready to use solution no activation required, clean, fresh mint scent masks the aldehyde odour, Chemically stable - no degradation at high temperatures.  Reusable up to 30 days, 2-year shelf life on unused portions.

GluteNeut - Active Glutaraldehyde and OPA Solution Neutralizer.  Environmentally friendly, one-step solution for the disposal of Gluterate, ensures a safe disposal, eliminates eye and skin irritants, and eliminates vapours caused by agitation.  One pouch of GluteNeut oxidizes and neutralizes up to 1 litre Gluterate. 

 Price included 1 x 4 litre Gluterate and 4 pouches GluteNeut.