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Épillyss - Cocooning Strip Wax

A hair removal wax specially designed for sensitive skin.
Marine collagen, with its hydrating, softening and mineral‑replenishing properties, gives this hair removal wax a unique feel. This completely natural product is rich in vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and trace elements, making it a stimulating and firming addition to any hair removal treatment. With a milky texture and an inviting caramel color, SENSITIVE SKIN hair removal wax slides smoothly onto the skin and is recommended for all hair and skin types. However, it’s particularly recommended for the more sensitive skin.
This wax, formerly named Sensitive Skin due to its gentle properties, is renowned for its unique texture. It contains cottonseed oil, an oil classified "fine" for its extreme lightness giving a fluid appearance to the wax which makes it easy to apply due to its exceptionally comforting effect and texture. It is heated in the microwave oven.