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Épillyss - Freelyss Strip Wax

Environmentally‑friendly wax.

FREELYSS cream answers the market demand for an environmentally‑friendly product. It’s completely natural and specifically formulated to provide hair removal treatments that don’t leave any residue on the skin. Composed of natural resin that is free of dyes, parabens and artificial fragrances, it’s the answer to increasing environmental concerns.

FREELYSS cream does not create a barrier between the hair follicle and the post‑treatment product applied within 3 minutes of hair removal. This maximizes antibacterial properties of the treatment. When combined with PROHIBIT serum, it can even slow hair regrowth

This wax follows current trends and meets the expectations of today's demands. It contains coconut oil, this nourishing and protective oil, soothes irritation. Freelyss is the only wax in the line that is opaque which is an asset because it adds visibility on what needs to be removed. However, it cools fast and must be used on small areas or removed quickly. It is heated in the microwave oven.