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Épillyss - Chocolate Strip Wax

A gourmet and enveloping wax with chocolate aromas. It contains Shea butter rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that nourish, soften and protect dry skin. This wax contains no allergens and its application is very gentle and comforting.

CAUTION: This wax does not heat up in the microwave

This hair removal gel is formulated with Bioresin C3 which constricts blood vessels, thus reducing discomfort, redness, and irritation.The antioxidant effects of cocoa—due to its high concentration of vitamin E—are well known.

CHOCOLATE hair removal gel encourages the regeneration of skin and prevents dehydration while rendering it supple, soft and toned. It has an appealing, comforting fragrance. CHOCOLATE hair removal gel has a creamy texture the color of chocolate milk. It can cover a larger surface than most waxes and is often used for more sensitive areas of the body. 

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