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Épillyss - Azulen Strip Wax

Hair removal wax for a gentle treatment.
 Azulen is a powerful anti‑inflammatory agent derived from German chamomile flowers, also called Matricaria. It has a dark color and strong scent as well as healing and anti‑inflammatory properties.
Numerous studies have demonstrated its remarkable effectiveness in treating various skin conditions including eczema and urticaria. AZULEN hair removal wax is apple‑green in color and has a liquid consistency. It’s easy to apply and recommended for all types of hair and skin.
It is the second creation of the line, the goal being to soften depilatory treatments. It is a traditional wax also made for over thirty years with the original honey recipe to which we added an azulene extract. Azulene is known for its anti‑inflammatory, soothing and appealing properties. It is heated in the microwave oven.