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Continuum - Simplicity LE Pedicure Spa

The LE (Luxury Edition) chair has a full (rolling, kneading, tapping and knocking) shiatsu back massage that provides the client with a ‘hands on’ deep-tissue massage. Fold-down acetone resistant manicure trays with cup holder and convenient dual pivoting arms add elements of quality and convenience. Premium ultra-leather, molded arms and commercial-grade massage mechanism are also some of the upgraded features of the LE chair.

  • Its lightweight removable tub fills from any sink without hoses or connectors. The tub holds the perfect amount of water (1.5 gallons) and comfortably fits up to a size thirteen foot. Enjoy the features and benefits of a regular pedicure spawithout all the cleaning, plumbing and water consumption. Save water, time, money and the environment.
  • Stylish manicure trays have an integrated cup holder and fold down for added convenience.

  • Make sanitation your biggest priority with the only sensible alternative to a standard pedicure throne. The Simplicity is a safe, worry-free solution to minimizing cross contamination by utilizing disposable liners in the removable tub. Spend less time cleaning and sanitizing and more time with your next client.

  • Two levels of vibrating aqua massage ensure a truly luxurious and invigorating foot soak. An additional two levels of soothing heat keeps the water temperature warm throughout the entire pedicure experience. Your customers will love this unique and sanitary pedicure experience.
  • No more tired and sore arms from holding the clients leg up during the pedicure! Whether you are massaging the calf, working on the heel or paining toenails, the adjustable height center footpad coupled with fixed right and left pads, position the foot perfectly throughout the entire pedicure.