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EFB - Adéna IPL & Photo-Rejuvenation Machine

EFB - Adéna IPL & Photo-Rejuvenation Machine

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Welcome to the Adena, our compact model IPL machine and the only system capable of removing & eliminating blond, white & grey hairs. Below is a summary of the benefits that you could enjoy by introducing this all in one solution to your clinic or spa.
  1. 2 hand pieces w/60K flashes interchangeable plug & play:
  2. Depilation for dark & light coloured hairs 7,5cm2
  3. Photo-rejuvenation 3,75cm2
  4. Acne reduction & elimination 3,75cm2
  5. Varicose Vein Treatment 3,75cm2
  6. Pigmentation & dark spot treatment 3,75cm2
  7. Maximum flash speed 2,4 secondes
  8. Water cooling system
  9. Energy compensation system
  10. Tactile touch screen with built-in client management
  11. Lit & spacious storage cabinet
  12. Delivery & training
  13. 2 days of HR & PR training
  14. 2 sets of standard protection goggles
  15. 1 infra-red thermometer
  16. 5 litres of ultrasound gel
  17. 1 promotional poster (24 x 36)
  18. 100 brochures for consumers
  19. 2 years of full warranty for hand-pieces & main unit

For more information view our full information page here.

If you are looking for a more powerful IPL machine, check out the Adena's big sister, our Anthelia Superior IPL Unit here.

Leasing and financing options are available for less than $2000 per month! Contact our office today at 1-877-841-5092.

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