Leadership & Sales Mastery Program - The Golden Rule

Nothing great is ever achieved alone. Every great leader of every great generation and of every great business has always been masterful in the art of leading and influencing others. 

In our 16 week Mastermind course we will cover with you and your executive and/or sales team the 16 core success principles & habits that lead people to the highest levels of performance, regardless of your industry. Below is a summary: 

The 16 Core Success Principles of this course are as follows:

1. A Definite Chief Aim - Rallying the Troops & Painting the Vision

2. Self-Confidence - Empowering in the Team's Abilities

3. The Habit of Saving - Your Ultimate Safety Net & Key to Power

4. Initiative and Leadership - Taking the First Step

5. Imagination - What else could there be?

6. Enthusiasm - Charm Everyone & Energize Yourself

7. Self-Control - A Sharp Mind is a Disciplined Mind

8. The Habit of Doing More than Paid For - You Just Don't Know...

9. Developing a Pleasing Personality - Nobody Wants to Work with the Asshole

10. Accurate Thought - Unfolding the Mind to Process Better Information 

11. Concentration - Singleness of Purpose, Until Done

12. Co-Operation - We Succeed Only by the Grace of Others

13. Learning to Profit from Failure - Understanding the Master Plan

14. Tolerance - Working with the Assholes of the World

15. The Golden Rule - Organizations Can Only Work IF...

16. Creating a Master Mind Group - How to Access the Best of People

Our course is heavily based on the books and readings of Napoleon Hill, one of the greatest and most recognized authors of personal development since the early 20th century. His book "Think and Grow Rich" is likely the most recognized book on success and personal development in the world. As an entrepreneur, author and speaker who was revolutionary for his time (and remains so to this day!) he has helped shape the lives of millions of people world wide. A few of his choice selections are available under our Resources page.

Our course takes these principles and breaks them down into actionable items so that you and your team can not just learn about them, but also implement them into your day to day lives. This course is not for lazy organizations who just want to hear about the principles, this 16 week course is designed for those who are determined to take the next steps in reaching their ultimate success and happiness.

If you think your team might benefit from this training, fill in the form below. We can offer the course in person, live stream or pre-recorded digital formats.