IPL+ is The Newest Spa Technology for 2020!

Introducing IPL+, a better platform for an industry dominated by innovation!

Consumers are complaining, treatment prices are too high, laser is too painful, and nothing is permanently effective or 100% accurate.

Spa & Clinic Owners are complaining about lease costs & hand-piece prices, being ever squeezed on both ends by laser manufacturers pushing underperforming $100k+ machines with SIGNIFICANT service costs and poor after sales services, and of course by the majority of consumers struggling to afford the INSANE prices charged for laser services.


 On the flipside to that, there are many IPL machines out there, but generally they are kind of considered lower-end & "old" technology (although laser & IPL were launched at the same time...). Part of this is due to what I call "The Laser Industrial Complex" which I'll be detailing on our blog, as manufacturers make A LOT more money selling you a laser than they do an IPL and part of this is due to poor marketing & training on the part of IPL manufacturers.

So we were thrilled when we connected with EFB Beauté Paris and discovered the meaning of IPL+ technologies. This is a modality that can & will change the entire course of the professional beauty business as it solves ALL of the above problems.

So what is IPL+?


IPL+ is at it's core the same principle as the regular IPL but MASSIVELY improved, simplified and properly upgraded with modern technologies. This means for you as a business owner, a unique competitive edge that will grow both your top line and your bottom line, for these 5 major reasons:

  1.  Unique service options that are not available on any other platform, such as the ability to treat light colored hair (blond, white, grey, & red).
  2. Simplified ownership experience with no need to ever change handpieces, a full 2 year warranty & simple bi-annual filter changes for your servicing.
  3. Additional smart technologies that allow for instantaneous flash reloads over a private GSM satellite network, at the lowest possible cost. (Plus for security, the GSM system can also track the location of the machines!)
  4. An integrated touch-screen with a built in client tracking system and pre-programmed settings for each of your treatments, based on individual conditions.
  5. Additional layers of safety and efficiency with patented light filtration, hydraulic cooling and energy management to ensure maximum comfort and client satisfaction.

IPL+ is really a game changer, because on top of all this, it's available at a better value than any other platform available and it's packaged BEAUTIFULLY & in a compact manner. It's not some weird looking printer from the 1980s...

At the end of the day, here at Spa Vision Financial we really understand the Canadian beauty & medical esthetics industry and want to help Owners realize the business of their dreams. Too many people are working too hard.

WIth IPL+ we can help you grow your business past $500,000 per year, off just one machine, while also working & paying less. It's really amazing, and of course we have references available.


So please if you would like to have the best possible experience in this business, contact us at 1-877-841-5092, info@spavision.co (not .com) or fill in the form below: