Why Adding IPL Machines to Your Med Spa Ups Your Menu Offerings

Why Adding IPL Machines to Your Med Spa Ups Your Menu Offerings

IPL machines – they are the face of the medical day spa. There are a variety of different IPL machines, and they are all used for popular medical day spa treatments. What follows in this article are some of the top uses for IPL machines, and why getting one into your spa sooner rather than later can exponentially impact your return on investment and net return, and fast.

Skin Rejuvenation – Age defying treatments are very popular at any spa. Chemical peels and facials only go so deep. Photo rejuvenation is the newer, more effective and easier method. With IPL machines, you can offer a large and satiable menu of photo rejuvenation procedures at your spa.

Pigmentation Treatment – No longer are TCA peels the only method for treating pigmentation. In fact, TCA peels are only semi effective. With IPL machines, you can more accurately treat pigmentation and on wider areas of skin.

Skin Tightening – Skin tightening is a very popular procedure in the weight loss driven society of the present day. With IPL machines, you can offer a wide range of skin tightening treatments that will be in high demand for a very long time. StarBody Body Program for weight loss and detox with these procedures for package deals and exclusive spa days.

Hair Removal – Already an enormously popular staple to the medical day spa, with IPL machines you can now offer hair removal. Our IPL+ has the ability of treating ALL hair colour including Blonde, Red, White and Grey hair! This is a procedure that is less invasive and more effective than waxing or any other hair removal methods. The average client – which can be male or female – requires 4-8 treatment sessions.

Acne Treatments – From deep nodular and cystic to rosacea, acne treatments are a top cash driver at day spas. With IPL machines, clients see results faster that last longer by comparison to chemical peels and facials. The results are what will keep your clients returning and telling their friends about your effective IPL services.

Low Lease Rates; Large Monthly Return

With IPL machines, you can offer a variety of different high demand services that clients want; from age defying treatments, to pigmentation treatments, hair removal, tattoo removal and even acne treatments. This empowers the average medical spa to greatly expand their menu of services. With low prices on the machines, great payment plans and a strong and consistent monthly return, our IPL+ platforms make a good deal of sense considering that only a few treatments per month pay the purchase amounts of such machines, while the other treatments factor into your average net return each quarter.

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